To Our Overseas Buyers,

Thank you for browsing our website from overseas.
While this website is mainly in Japanese and our EC system is designed for shipping within Japan, those ordering from overseas can inquire directly by email about the package sizes we can ship and the countries we can ship to.
Please also feel free to ask us about the condition and frames of our posters.
Please note that we are only able to read and reply to emails in English or Japanese.

How to Purchase Our Products

・Email us and tell us which poster you would like to purchase and your shipping address. We will temporarily set the poster as “out of stock”.
NOTE: Make sure to check the price carefully before emailing us, as setting the poster as “out of stock” changes the price to 0 yen on our website.
・We will reply to your email and tell you the price in yen including shipping.
・We can only accept payments by Credit card(via SQUARE).
・Please email us with your request from the same email address you have registered with PayPal so that the email address from which we receive your payment matches the email address from which we received your request.
・Please pay within one week after receiving the quote from us. If the payment is not made within one week, the order is canceled.
・Japanese consumption tax (8%) applies as we do not have an export license.


・Our products are shipped by EMS with insurance and a tracking number.
・Insurance is free for orders up to 20,000 yen but costs 50 yen for each additional 20,000 yen (for example, insurance for a 60,000 yen order costs 100 yen.)
・Buyers are responsible for paying any insurance costs for orders over 20,000 yen.
・Your package can be shipped without insurance, but we will accept no responsibility for loss or breakage that occurs in transit after the package is dispatched and the tracking number is posted on the EMS website.
・We can ship by FedEx or DHL if you are concerned about how the package will be handled by your country’s postal system upon arrival in your country. However, the shipping charge is considerably higher.
・An additional packaging charge of 540 yen applies for overseas shipping, as sturdier packaging is used.
・Your order will be declared as a commercial product and the price of your order will be stated in the customs declaration. This may incur a duty at customs in your country.
・Please click here to check whether EMS is available for your country:

Other Notes

・Please do not place orders by phone, as our staff do not understand spoken English. ・Posters cannot be sold without the frame.
・Orders cannot be canceled after they have been dispatched.
・We cannot ship packages that are heavier than 30kg including the posters, frames and packaging.
・While some of our posters are new, the condition of our vintage posters varies. Please contact us if you have any concerns. We will take additional photos if you wish to examine the poster more closely (although there is a limit to the amount of detail that can be captured.)
We do not accept claims regarding the condition of any vintage posters unless their condition has changed since the time of posting.
・Although the materials of the frames are not made in Japan, the frames are assembled at a highly skilled framing studio that receives orders from a large number of Japanese art galleries.
・The surfaces of the frames are made of UV filtering acrylic sheets.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us!