Studio Paradissi / Galerie Temporaire 02


Size : 720×520×30 (mm) ※オークフレームへの額装の場合。

Studio ParadissiのEleni Psyllakiによるデザインポスターです。フランス・パリの架空のコンセプチュアルギャラリーGalerie Temporaire(実際には存在しない)でのエキシビションのために作られました。濃紺に一筆で鳥が描かれています。


Studio Paradissi

Studio Paradissi is a creative design brand by interior designer and artist Eleni Psyllaki. Along with her studies and work on the architecture and interior design fields, Eleni Psyllaki also kept a blog since 2010, My Paradissi, that served as a creative outlet and visual diary for her design ideas and inspirations. Art has been her deepest passion that she kept for her free time and recreation when in 2019 she began to make public and sell a selection of her artworks. It was then that Studio Paradissi was born. Her art is a result of a free play, with no agendas or purpose, a pursue of forms and textures, a channel to let her creative juices get out of her system and the best way to keep her inner child happy and balanced.